50 CENT Loves Him Some Kim K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim Kardashian must have really rubbed 50 Cent the right way because he is praising the hell out of her. He even compares her to her archenemy.

50 recently said that Kim has mass, public appeal and is very talented.  He compared the reality star to Paris Hilton’s public image and ability to draw in the public with a genuine and well-liked personality.  50 says that although Kim may not like the comparison, the two have an energy that is hard to describe which makes them both amazing individuals.
Where is all this coming from? We know Bugsy chopped Khloe’s backs down back in ‘08. Perhaps he was really wishing it was Kimmy he was getting. SMH.


Bey Bey and her “Bodyguard Boo” Julius Party in London

BEYONCE DONE FELL OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rihanna is “RATED R”

Rihanna’s album “RATED R” drops on Nov. 23rd and every day, we are being pulled closer to her dark side. She recently released her new single Hard ft. Young Jeezy, now Rih Rih is speaking on why she chose such a dark route.

E-V-E vs. Mya Who Looked More Bangin???

Shaq and Shaunie Get Ready for their Divorce and a Reality Show

Before Shaunie got some common sense and filed for divorce, her and Shaq were pitching a reality show to a couple of networks.  We hear that one of those networks is thinking about picking it up. 
Shaq and Shaunie’s show was modeled after other married couple shows such as MTV’s Newlyweds, but unlike most couple reality shows, Shaq and Shaunie split up before the show even got started. Even with divorce as a factor, we hear A&E is still debating on picking up the show, and with the two being in talks of divorce, it may up the ratings. The show obviously isn’t taping anymore now that the two have gone separate ways, so we’ll have to see how it all plays out.

Khloe Spotted Out Spending Lamar’s Money

Khloe was spotted walking the streets of LA after a shopping spree at American Apparel on Lamar’s dime we’re sure.  More pics under the hood.


Kanye and Amber “Bean Head” Rose are still on a mission in Rome to find some therapy. The paps over there are definitely keeping their distance when snapping shots of the two

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