kobe-bryant 1. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers G – We’re blown away by the fact that Kobe Bryant is taking far fewer shots than a year ago (18.5 to 27.2) and leading his Lakers team to a much better season. Kobe is averaging better than 27.4 points per night and shooting 48% from the field. Meanwhile, Los Angeles is winning the Pacific Division and on there way for best record in NBA.

dwyanewadeclr2.Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat GLeBron James vs. Dwayne Wade has been a trendy argument, when considering NBA players. Sorry, Cavaliers fans, but Wade is now winning this debate. Without star center Shaquille O’Neal, Wade has flourished, scoring 29.8 points per night. Asked to be more of a playmaker, Wade has responded with better than 8 assists per game, and he also hauls in 5 rebounds — not bad for a guy who plays both guard spots. With 1.5 steals and 1 blocked shot per game, Dwayne Wade is the total package and easily one of the top 10 NBA players.

lebron-yankees-13.LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers SF – My,  the King have been incrediable. LeBron James’ stats are up in virtually every category, though, and other NBA players on his level have improved also. Still, LeBron can dismantle an NBA defense on any given night, and his 28.4 points 7.70 rebounds and 7.3 assists shows why he can. BUT WATCH OUT KOBE LEBRON ON YOUR TAIL.


4.Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic FC – In just his third season in the league, Dwight Howard is clearly one of the top NBA players. He has improved every season, and he leads the NBA in rebounding this year. Howard also scores 17.5 points per game, shoots 60% from the field, and blocks 2 shots. Straight out of high school, Howard is just reaching his potential, which is absolutely frightening.


5.Kevin Garnett, Minnesota Timberwolves F – We had Kevin Garnett in the two spot in our pre-season NBA Players Top 10 list, and his position here doesn’t mean we like him any less. Garnett, like LeBron James, may be the victim of bad coaching strategy and other player improvement. His numbers are still gaudy: 21.6 points, 12 rebounds, 1.6 steals and 2 blocks per night



1. Rihanna By no surprise Rihanna made number one on the list. Since all of the drama with her and Chris Brown aired Rihanna has been the topic of discussion on every radio/talk show/magazine across the nation. We see who career this gave a boost too and who’s career it ended.


2. Kim Kardashian This sex tape making diva you no had to make the list people just cant get enough of her and her rump shes all over the net.  Kim was recently noticed shopping around for a wedding gown lets see if Reggie Bush pops the question to her. I predict another sex tape arising in the near future what do y’all think and it might be there honeymoon tape.


3. Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce Now you all know it wouldn’t be a list without Bee shes the queens of all queens and is always  on everyone’s mind. Beyonce was recently said to be wearing butt pads in her latest event stunning dress. Dag Bee that story of Kloe Kardashian and Jay-z got you losing yo curves you went and got butt pads come on Beyonce that’s not a good look.


4. Kanye West Kanye Kanye dude you looking like a crack head give that grimmy look up and get a freash hair cut and tell yo boy Jay-z to give it up to we no y’all got money but you steel got to look presentable. With Kanye you never no what he’s gonna do next this dude is on another planet seriously.


5. TIP Harris TI this my homie ya ll dude really gave back to them kids on Road to Redemption MTV show he stars in. I’m proud of you homie more rappers need to do the same for the kids instead of promoting them to do negative start showing our kids how to stay positive Big UPS TI We Gone Miss You Dog  but we will not forget you see you in a year and a day and stay up partner.


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